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Coaching Services • Set Your Own Rate

Pricing Guidlines

Option Phone Contact Interval Email $/month
1 1 week/as needed* unlimited 200-350**
2 2 weeks unlimited 100-200
3 4 weeks weekly* 60-100
4 rarely weekly* 50-100
0 daily/as needed unlimited 300-400

*Occasional mid-week calls(option 1) and emails(options 3,4) are perfectly acceptable and welcome.

**To encourage growth of the sport, option 1 for juniors with financial need is $75/month, and women $150/month.


Set your own rate: In order to accomodate both those who can't pay more and those who would like to pay more(yes, it happens,) just follow the chart above to find a balance between what you think it's worth and what you can afford. No questions asked, no judgement.


Option 1 notes: This is the most common plan. In addition to addressing issues pertaining to motivation, nutrition, gear, health etc., weekly conversations allow nearly immediate feedback on the weekend's races while they're still fresh in your mind. Weekly updates allow changes to the schedule to accomodate the unexpected events and obligations of real-life: weather, family, work, etc. Anything less is a compromise.

Option 2 notes: Half the conversations of Option 1, but 2 weeks is somehow more than twice as difficult to stay on track. Choose this option only if you are sure you don't need or want more guidance. If price is an issue, just pay the minimum level on Option 1.

Option 3 and 4 notes: Email is for little more than updating workout schedules. Advice and motivation will be minimal.