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Rusty Miller, Greenville, SC, Age 25, Cat 1

"...contender in regional races and a joker in the national events, to a a winner in the regional races and a contender on the national scene...."

I started racing bikes at the age of fourteen, and found success early: I started out as a Cat IV, became a Cat III in three weeks, and a Cat II by the age of seventeen. Once I became a Cat I at the age of 20, however, I hit a plateau. I had trained myself all those years, read widely about the art and science of training, and thought I knew quite a bit about how to prepare myself for racing. But I reached a point where I wasn't getting better.

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Sophie Ballo, Morgan Hill, CA, Age 29, Recreational

"Ashley took me from yet ANOTHER injury born from stupidity to more than a year completely injury free."

For the first time in my life, I consider myself a real athlete. Ashley took me from yet ANOTHER injury born from stupidity to more than a year completely injury free. He never pressured me to race, but somehow I think he knew that I would want to give it a shot. And even though my results are...how to say....less than impressive, he never fails to put things in perspective, find and praise the positives, and constructively plan how to improve on the negatives. He never hesitates to join in a group ride, and welcomes questions day or night. I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life, in any context. I consider myself amazingly lucky to have him as my coach, and am super excited to continue to work with him from three time zones over.

Darrin Dexter, Apex, NC, Age 48, Cat 3

"the confidence to race differently than I ever have"

I saw immediate results following the training plans Ashley made for me each week. Prior to using him, I either used other coaches or just trained myself and struggled. Could not go with moves and struggled to hang on. During my first year with his training though, I was able to not only hang on but ride more aggressively. Was able to go with attacks, recover and go again. Felt more confident with my fitness which led to riding more aggressively.

   2013 was my second year with Ashley. We upped the training a little and results started happening. Got my first win in a long time racing a tough Master’s field in tough rainy conditions. Also, took a bronze medal in the NC State RR in the Master’s category. Had a few top tens as well. For me the biggest thing is the overall fitness. The Masters category out here is one of the toughest. Knowing that I have put in the work and have the fitness gives me the confidence to race differently than I ever have. Can go hard, recover, go hard again, recover and go hard again.

   Ashley’s training methods are hard but not complicated. Put the time in and do the workouts and fitness will come. Program is great as takes your personal situation into account. I have family and job responsibilities and those are taken into account when setting up a training plan. He asks what I have available and we work around those to formulate a plan that will work best.

   If someone is looking for a coach there is no better one that I would recommend than Ashley. Can’t say enough about what he has done for me. I look forward to our weekly calls to see what the plan is for the coming week. If you want to get fitter and faster, give Ashley a call.

Ben Barnard, Greensboro, NC, Age 38, SS MTB, Cat 1 road

"finished 2nd at ORAMM in the singlespeed category, taking almost 45 minutes off of my 2011 time"

Ashley coached me when I was in college and just after as I tried to hold my own as a cat. 1 racing across the US and in Central America. Under his tutelage, I won the NC state road race, the Cross Country Classic in Belize, CA, and was able to finish some of the biggest pro/am races in the country. These days, Ashley has helped me to efficiently use my training time so that I can still compete with guys that race full time. Not only is Ashley Powell one of my cycling heroes, his knowledge and practical application of training principles have allowed me to remain competitive while also having a balanced family life and career.

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Dan Rhule, Columbus, OH, Age 36, Cat 3

"If you had told me that I would achieve the results that I have this season, I would have never believed it...."

Initially I used Joe Friel's Training Bible to coach myself through mountain bike racing. This worked for a while, but eventually I reached a plateau. Later, I tried Chris Carmichael's CTS coaching services. I don't want to denigrate CTS, but their system just didn't work for me. It really seemed like I was just another number in the accounting book and that no one at CTS took a personal interest in seeing me improve . Outside of CTS and Friel's books, I had read numerous books and articles on training, but I didn't know how to piece all the information together.

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Aaron LeBauer, San Fransisco, CA Age 33, Cat 2

"After giving me a dose of his secret formula, I went to Superweek, won a prime and finished in the money, off the front, in my first race there...."

It took me 2 years as a cat 3 to claw my way to the top in Northern California. I went to Belgium, came home and upgraded to cat 2. By the next spring, I was able to be aggressive in the races, and get noticed, but I had no results. I knew I was doing well, and better than the average first season cat 2, but I wanted to know how I would do with the proper training.

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Bill Neal, High Point, NC, Age 63, Recreational

"I could have never imagined coming so far, so fast"

Having only been a road cyclist for a few months and having aspirations to ride much more and much better, it became apparent that I would need a coach. Ash came highly recommended and I have to say he did not disappoint. I started with Ash in January of 2013 and a mere 9 months later was riding the Bridge to Bridge ride. 102 miles with a summit finish. I could have never imagined coming so far, so fast and I have Ash and his training program to thank for it. I will continue to use Ash as my cycling coach and we are already in the planning stages of my racing schedule for 2014. Thanks Ash!

Dr. David Groen, Powell, OH Age 40, Cat 3

"Ashley knows that there is a life outside of bike racing, and he’s designed my plan around my life; not the other way around."

I had been given Ashley’s name during the off season. I didn’t call him then, since I thought I was doing well with the book that I was using. Later the following season, I finally called Ashley, after a particularly bad weekend of racing. Our first phone call spoke volumes about Ashley and his program. He was very personable, and it was obvious that he knew what he was talking about. It was equally obvious that he was willing to work with me toward my cycling goals, given my responsibilities outside of the sport (family, work, and all those other things). To me, this is where Ashley’s coaching has been perfect.

    Prior to calling him, I had the common misconception that if I wasn’t doing well in races, that I was neither training enough, nor with enough intensity. Ashley saw what I needed to do and put me on a plan that had immediate results. Not only did the plan yield improvements, it also allowed me to spend fewer hours training, which is a win-win situation.

    Ashley knows that there is a life outside of bike racing, and he’s designed my plan around my life; not the other way around.

    What about the race results? At last year’s state crit championships (master’s field) I was in the front group,

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Anthony Adanuty, Cary, NC, Age 45, Recreational

"Tackling 20% gradients was a new experience for me and my training more than prepared me"

After ACL surgery in July 2013 following a soccer injury, I decided to take up cycling following my rehab. In January 2014 I took my first ride on a road bike and loved it. My friends back in England invited me over to ride the Stage 1 Tour de France route with them in June. I was doing my own training but at the start of May I realized I needed more direction which is when I contacted Ashley. We both quickly realized that time was running out and that I needed to step up my training. Ashley helped me adjust my form and technique to become more efficient. He then developed a challenging cycling regime teaching me how to train for endurance, tempo and anaerobic rides. My fitness and stamina quickly increased, as well as my mental approach to tough situations.

    I arrived in the UK and rented a bike and took to the Yorkshire Dales to practice before the big one. The elevation was so much more intense than I was used to, but I felt prepared and excited. Six weeks after starting with Ashley I was able to complete Stage 1 and led the group up the three biggest climbs of the Yorkshire Stage of Le Grand Depart. Tackling 20% gradients was a new experience for me, and my training more than prepared me to complete the ride and finish strong to the surprise of all my cycling buddies!

Mike Rea, Columbus, OH Age 46, Cat 3

"With Ashley’s help I was able to have my best racing season ever"

After a year away from racing I was interested in working with a coach to prepare for the upcoming season. A few friends of mine referred me to Ashley and we began working together during the Winter of 2007. With a busy work schedule and the distractions and responsibilities we all face in life, I knew I needed to focus on a good solid training program that stressed quality over quantity. From the very start I was extremely pleased with Ashley’s knowledge and encouragement.

    With Ashley’s help I was able to have my best racing season ever, which included the following highlights:

  • 1st Place in the Masters State Criterium Championship
  • Overall Spring Series Championship
  • 5 wins in Masters Races
  • Successful upgrade to a Cat 3

I’m certain that these results would not have been achieved by me without the structure and encouragement of a good cycling coach. If you want to perform at your best while trying to fit in a training plan around work and family I would strongly recommend Ashley.

Mark Jellous, Greensboro, NC Age 33, Cat 2

"I was discouraged, frustrated, and full of self-doubt given my lack of results. Ashley spent lots of time getting to know me as a person, as well as discovering my strengths, weaknesses and my goals. This is a critical function of a coach, and one that is hard to get from a book or on-line service."

I was a provincial champion in track & field growing up in Ontario, Canada and a very competitive middle distance runner. I first started cycling in high school for cross training. After college, i started competing in duathlons. I started road racing in 2002 and quickly found this was a fantastic sport, but also realized my previous training techniques which focused on endurance-based work would not be enough to get me to a higher level. I then tried the Joe Friel training plan in my second year of racing. This was helpful in that it gave me structure, but I was still uncertain how to adjust my training to address my

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Gabe Salinas, Wilmington, NC Age 40

"His workouts were harder and more challenging than I was used to, but they were also very fun."

I had been racing road bikes for a few years when I stumbled upon Ashley Powell. I could tell from his demeanor that he was not only a smart guy but a person that actually cared about who he worked with. I started utilizing Ashley's skills after a lack luster race season as a Cat 4. His workouts were harder and more challenging than I was used to, but they were also very fun. Immediately my fellow racers noticed a big difference in my appearance and my results! I made it through the season with better than expected results and upgraded to a Cat 3.

Being that I live in Wilmington NC, the road racing scene is almost non existent. We have a huge Triathlon following and since most of my friends are "Tri Geeks" I figured I would take a year off from Road Racing and give Triathlon a go. Ashley was very energetic and excited that I was trying something new and was equally eager to help me make the transition. I was a little skeptical at first, being that I knew Ashley only as a Road/Mountain biker, but the results that I have had in my first season of Triathlon have been amazing! I ended up 6th overall in the North Carolina series, and won many running races as well throughout the year! My greatest highlight came when I placed 8th at the Duke 1/2 read more/less

Ryan Zook, Marion,IN Age 22, Cat 1

"Looking back I feel like I wasted a lot of time....within about six weeks I could tell a big difference...."

I'd always heard that you must have a coach to really find out how good you can be. I'd put it off because I figured it couldn't make much difference. I'd been riding long enough, read enough articles and books, and talked to enough people who knew what they were doing. But, Ashley's coaching made all the difference in the world. Looking back I feel like I wasted a lot of time.

I started with Ashley around May of 2000- a little late to really get the most out of the season; but, within about six weeks I could tell a big difference. I could maintain a higher pace longer and sprint faster. I felt more rested and found the energy to train harder with Ashley's guidance and encouragement. I performed well at Espoirs Nationals- read more/less

Johnny Wall, Chapel Hill, NC, Age 34, Cat 2

"...the best season I have had!....I was FAST and satisfied with a successful season...."

As a cat. 3 racer coming off two leg surgeries last winter I faced the 2000 season with no fitness and a bit of gloom. I decided to enlist the help of Ashley, well aware of his previous racing savvy and success. It turned out to be the best season I have had! I accomplished all of my goals set at the start of training; learned the benefits of gym work; and discovered many dietary practices for fueling up and for recovery. A set time for us to talk each week kept all of my training efforts in check to ensure a minimum risk of overtraining. I received a complete and effective training plan that challenged me more than ever, but in the end I was FAST and satisfied with a successful season.

Matt Micca, Greensboro,NC Age 26, Cat 3

"Calling Ashley was simply a revelation....Just by changing what I ate,...I shed twelve pounds...."

The year was 1999, November, cyclocross season, and I had just spent two months training my guts out in preparation. Going into the first race of the series, I felt pretty confident about my form. To my surprise, I got utterly shelled, coming in second to last and suffering in total misery the entire race. My initial reaction to this slap in the face was a common one, "I need more intensity." But, stepping up the intensity failed to do the trick. Every week was the same scenario: poor finishes topped off an hour of pure anguish. Racing had completely ceased to be fun. Disgusted with my performance, I spent countless hours racking my brain about where I had gone wrong. Finally, my frustration hit a crescendo and I decided to stop racing and try to regain my sanity. Around that time, I heard through the grapevine that local racing legend Ashley Powell had retired from the pro circuit and had turned his attention to coaching. I had spoken to Ashley in the past and had been impressed with his vast cycling knowledge and down to earth, approachable demeanor. I had never felt intimidated in Ashley's presence, which we all know is rare in the US road scene, where arrogance is always on the menu.

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